Pharmacy team enrolment

Helping patients living with obesity can be challenging and overwhelming, that’s why Radiant Health has developed the Push On® Support program.

What is push on?

Push On is a consumer centric support program designed to help optimise your customer’s chances of weight management success. Radiant Health developed the Push On support program in recognition of the challenges healthcare professionals face in managing their customers living with obesity. The Push On program is a smart, easy way to help guide, support and reassure your customers through their weight loss journey with a collaborative team, which includes your pharmacy, your customer’s clinic and the Push On registered nurse.

The benefits of push on

At the heart of this program is your customer. Here are some of the support measures they will receive:


Nurse to patient phone-based support

Dashboard icon

A personalised progress dashboard


Additional information and resources to keep your customer informed and motivated such as meal plans, weight loss tips and exercise diaries.

Speedy envelope

Automated reminders, such as;

  • Pharmacist booking - next medicine pick up and measurements
  • Doctor booking - progress check-ins and measurements

Complements the care customers already receive from their doctor and you as their pharmacist

The role your pharmacy can play:


Providing specific care and advice when your customer collects their medicines i.e. additional medicine information


Another location where your customer can be weighed to track whether they are meeting their goals

Stick man

Increases foot traffic in your store and assists with sales

Speech bubble

Additional support for your customer on what may be a difficult journey

What would i need to do at each booking?


Provide your customer with any additional medicine support they may need whilst on treatment

BP monitor

Take your customer’s blood pressure


Weigh your customer

Provide this information (weight, blood pressure measurements and date the results were taken) to the Push On registered nurse by:

Touch icon

Clicking the link in the customer appointment email sent from the Push On nurse and completing the fields


Emailing the nurse directly with the customer name in the subject line. Email address:

Positive change starts with the will to act, your customer committing to lose weight, the support from a collaborative team and a comprehensive free program.

For any queries, please talk to your Radiant Health Representative and to unenrol your pharmacy, email with your pharmacy details.